About Braum’s

Braum’s frozen dessert and dairy farm Stores are a family-owned and largest operated chain of fast-food restaurants and grocery stores primarily based in Tuttle, Oklahoma. In 1957, Bill Braum purchased his family’s frozen dessert process business based mostly in Emporia, Kansas, also as its “Peter Pan” retail frozen dessert chain; 10 years later, the Peter Pan stores were sold, beneath the condition that the Braum’s family does not sell frozen dessert in Kansas for 10 years. Stores conjointly embrace a grocery section known as the “Fresh Market” that includes dairy farm products, food, beverages, frozen entrees, meats, and manufacture. So as to keep up the freshness of its products, the company doesn’t open stores outside the house farm in Tuttle, Oklahoma. Braum’s is noteworthy for its level of “vertical integration”. We’re the sole major frozen dessert maker within the country to exploit our own cows. This milk is employed in our frozen dessert, bottled milk and different dairy farm products. Since Braum’s milk comes from our private dairy farm herd we all know what goes into it and what doesn’t. We don’t use any growth hormones to stimulate milk production and that we never add antibiotics to their feed. Braum’s dairy farm herd enjoys a 100% eater diet as well as alfalfa fodder, oilseed, and corn, with the bulk of the feed grown right our farm. Examine Braum’s hours below.

Braum’s Hours

Braum’s and his Wife Mary started the Braum’s chain in 1968, opening twenty-four stores in Oklahoma throughout the first year. The restaurants serve frozen dessert, frozen dessert, hamburgers, sandwiches, salads and breakfast things.The majority the food products sold at Braum’s are processed or manufactured by Braum’s solelyits own feed mill, dairy herd, dairy farm process plant, bakery, stores and delivery trucks. It conjointly owns eight farms and ranches with a complete space of 40,000 acres. Having unbroken the family dairy farm herd and frozen dessert process business.As a matter of facts, Braum’s dairy farm is one among the most important dairy farm operations within the world and a topographic point in the industry. Every day we are milking thousands of cows an hour, providing enough contemporary milk for over a million glasses.We’re the sole major frozen dessert maker within the country to exploit our own cows. If you are more curious to know about the store timing you can check on operating-hours.com and click on the exact hours button to find the hours for your local Braum’s location!

STANDARD Braums Hours
Most Braums locations are OPEN during hours listed below.
6:00 am-10:45 pm
6:00 am-10:45 pm
6:00 am-10:45 pm
6:00 am-10:45 pm
6:00 am-10:45 pm
6:00 am-10:45 pm
6:00 am-10:45 pm

***Please NOTE: Braums hours may vary from one location to the next. Some locations may open or close one or two hours earlier or later so we recommend looking up exact hours for the location you want to visit.***


Braums Holiday Hours

Martin Luther King
Cinco De Mayo
Valentine’s Day
Mother’s Day
Presidents Day
Memorial Day
Good Friday
Father’s Day
Columbus Day
Veterans Day
Black Friday
Christmas Eve
New Year’s Eve
Easter Monday
Labor Day

New Year’s Day
Easter Sunday
Independence Day
Christmas Day
Thanksgiving Day
Bad Weather Days